Official full Apple GSX Report just for $4.99!

The key and most important feature of IMEI.TOOLS is that we provide remote access to Apple Global Service Exchange Database which will contain complete information about any Apple Devices!

Apple GSX (Global Service Exchange) is Apple’s single service, repair and order management tool for Apple partners enrolled in Apple’s Self Servicing Account (SSA) program and Apple Authorized Service Provider program to provide service business with Apple worldwide.

After you placed your order, your IMEI or Serial Number will be processed through our automated system which extracts information about your device via GSX accounts.



Our service offers a huge list of online check services for Apple devices. You need to find out what exactly you want to check. You can use our search form to find a service in our online catalog.


All you need to do is submit your device IMEI in the application form. If you want to get an IMEI check report for more than one device, you can submit bulk orders. Enter all your IMEI numbers one per line into the application form.


After your payment is cleared, your IMEI will be processed via our system and you will receive an email notification when your order will get the Completed status at a specified Service Delivery time.

You can check order delivery status at the ORDER TRACKING page and also in your PERSONAL ACCOUNT the Completed status at a specified Service Delivery time.

How does your credit system work?

We provide credit system for our regular users and partners. The key feature of our credit system is convenient balance replenishment for any amount. We also offer a discount system for all our regular users and partners. The more you buy, the more you save. Your personal discount depends on the number of orders you place. You can save over 70% from the initial service price using our discount system.

Want to process a large number of IMEI checks? No problem!

For the partners willing to process a large number of IMEIs we’ve created a special tool capable to process large volumes of data in short time. Our system supports DHRU API websites and offers significant discounts to resellers. If you need to process more than 500 IMEI checks per day please contact us for details and access to our premium tools.