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Check iPhone SIM Lock status using IMEI

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Check iPhone SIM Lock Status service by IMEI.TOOLS allows you to remotely check whether your iPhone is locked to any carrier or it is unlocked and you are free to use any SIM card of any carrier worldwide. Check SIM Lock Status of your Apple device will be made via Global Service Exchange Database (GSX) which is official massive data information collected by Apple.

A SIM Lock or Carrier Lock is a type of lock installed on the iPhone by a service provider with the purpose of use restrictions beyond the carrier’s network. This means that an iPhone with Locked Status can’t be used within any mobile network other than the one it is locked to.

Please note: If you want to check the iPhone SIM Lock Status for more than one device, you can submit bulk orders. Enter all your IMEI numbers one per line into the application form. Also, our service supports the credit system, so you can create an account and charge it for any amount convenient for you. Need a bulk price? Please contact us!

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What is the iPhone SIM Lock?

iPhone SIM-Lock is used by Carriers or Mobile Networks to set restrictions in regards to mobile network use. This way, carriers make sure that their customers will stay with them. Carriers also offer their customers a wide range of installment plans and other benefits. However, if a user decides to change a carrier or plans to travel internationally and use a local SIM card, this lock should be removed.

What does Check iPhone SIM Lock Status Service Report include?

Check iPhone SIM Lock Status service report will include information on the device model, its capacity, color, type of the mobile network, build and software version installed on the device, IMEI(s), Serial Number and SIM Lock status.

Example of the Check SIM Lock Status report

Here is an example of the Check SIM Lock Status Report which you can get by using our online check tools:

Model: IPHONE 7 32GB BLACK MM [A1778] [IPHONE9,1]
IMEI: 352987096593787
Serial Number: F71W2G3FHG7F
Simlock Status: UNLOCKED
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Check iPhone SIM lock status

Check iPhone SIM Lock status using IMEI


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