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Check iPhone, iPad Apple Loaner Device Status using IMEI

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A Loaner Device is a device a customer receives as a replacement for the duration of his or her owned device repairs. Certain types of repairs may take a while. So, an owner needs a loaner iPhone or iPad for use meanwhile.

If a device was a loaner there is a record confirming this information. Sometimes, a loaner device may be brand new and issued by Apple Store or Apple Service center. It also can be a used one and issued by Apple too, or by a retailer or any other third party.

Check Loaner Device Status service by IMEI.TOOLS allows you to remotely check the Loaner Device status of your Apple device using Global Service Exchange Database (GSX) which is official massive data information collected by Apple.

Please note: If you want to check more than one device, you can submit bulk orders. Enter all your IMEI numbers one per line into the application form. Also, our service supports the credit system, so you can create an account and charge it for any amount convenient for you. Need a bulk price? Please contact us!

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What Loaner Device Status is for?

A loaner device is a device issued to a customer as a temporary replacement. If the loaner device was brand new, a seller may want to claim it as the actually brand-new device which has never been in use in order to get a full price which is not fair. Having Loaner Device Status on hand may be useful in cases like this and will allow you to get a discount for this “like new device”.

What does Check Loaner Device Status service report include?

Check Loaner Device Status service report will include information on the device model, capacity, color IMEI(s), Serial Number and Loaner Device status itself saying Yes or No.

Example of Check Loaner Device Status report:

Here is an example of Check Loaner Device Status Report which you can get by using our online check tools:

IMEI: 35734909797617
IMEI2: 35734909795190
Serial Number: F17XNEFVKXL

Loaner: No


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check Apple loan status for iPhone & iPad using IMEI

Check iPhone, iPad Apple Loaner Device Status using IMEI


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