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Check iPhone Original Carrier using IMEI

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Check the Original Carrier service by IMEI.TOOLS allows you to remotely check whether your iPhone is locked to any carrier and to which one exactly, origin country will be indicated too. Original Carrier Check of your Apple device will be provided via Global Service Exchange Database (GSX) which is an official massive data information collected by Apple.

Quite often, iPhone’s are sold by various carriers or networks besides of Apple Stores. Carriers also maintain trade-in programs offering a wide range of installment plans and benefits to their customers. If an iPhone was originally sold this way, chances are it is locked to a certain carrier and you can’t use the SIM card of any other carrier without having your iPhone unlocked.

Please note: If you want to check iPhone Original Carrier for more than one device, you can submit bulk orders. Enter all your IMEI numbers one per line into the application form. Also, our service supports the credit system, so you can create an account and charge it for any amount convenient for you. Need a bulk price? Please contact us!

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What is the iPhone Original Carrier?

An Original Carrier is a carrier an iPhone was originally sold by and locked, so the device can be used within this carrier’s network only. If you are willing to change a carrier or going to travel abroad using the SIM card of a local carrier you need to make an unlock request to the origin carrier. In case you are not the original owner, you need to know which carrier your iPhone is locked to.

What does Check iPhone Original Carrier service report include?

Check iPhone Original Carrier service report will include information on the device model, its capacity, color, build and software version installed on the device, IMEI(s), Serial Number, Carrier and Country.

Example of iPhone Check Original Carrier Report

Here is an example of the Check iPhone Original Carrier (Network) Report which you can get by using our online check tools:

Model: iPhone XS Max 256GB Space Gray Cellular [A1921] [iPhone11,4]
IMEI: 357263097685559
IMEI2: 357263097534989
Serial Number: FFWXT6SEKPHG

Warranty Status: Out Of Warranty
Estimated Purchase Date: 2019-05-26

Country: United States

iCloud: CLEAN
Replaced: No

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Check iPhone Original Carrier using IMEI


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