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Get iPad Bluetooth MAC + Wi-Fi MAC Address using Serial Number

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IMEI.TOOLS allows you to remotely get a set of Bluetooth MAC Address and Wi-Fi MAC Address numbers for recording to the NAND chip on specialized equipment (for example iP-Box) to remove iCloud lock and activate the device on the current iOS version. This service is intended for experienced masters only who have soldering skills with NAND chips and special equipment to record and edit the data in the NAND.

Please note: If you want to get Bluetooth MAC and Wi-Fi MAC Address more than one device, you can submit bulk orders. Enter all your IMEI numbers one per line into the application form. Also, our service supports the credit system, so you can create an account and charge it for any amount convenient for you. Need a bulk price? Please contact us!

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What is the iPad NAND chip?

NAND, so-called because of its use of NOT AND (NAND) gates, is a type of non-volatile memory chip used in all iDevices. This chip is where all device storage is located. Speaking of iOS, the chips can range anywhere from 4 GiB to 512 GiB.

Example of the Bluetooth MAC + Wi-Fi MAC Address report:

Here is an example of Check Bluetooth MAC + Wi-Fi MAC Address Report which you can get by using our online check tools:

Wi-Fi MAC: f0:78:cf:25:a8:b6
BT MAC: f0:78:cf:25:a8:b7

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Check iPhone, iPad, iPod WiFi Mac Address using IMEI

Get iPad Bluetooth MAC + Wi-Fi MAC Address using Serial Number